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Luxury Apartments Vidikovac Levanda Hvar



If you want to escape from the crowds in the city and enjoy the silence and the perfect view of the sea and nature, Apartments Vidikovac Levanda Hvar is the right place for you. Silence, peace, pleasant temperature, beautiful views and spectacular sunsets, refreshments in the pool, and helpful hosts are there to make your vacation unforgettable.

The mission.

Luxury Apartments Vidikovac Levanda Hvar offers premium apartments for rent in Hvar, Croatia. They were facing the challenge of managing their bookings as they did not have a proper booking system. They were struggling to keep up with their bookings through Airbnb and a booking calendar, which was causing confusion and errors. As a result, their customers were experiencing difficulties booking their apartments, leading to lost revenue and poor customer experiences.

The challenge was to develop a custom booking system for the Luxury Apartments Vidikovac Levanda Hvar website that would enable easy and efficient management of their bookings while providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for their customers.


The solution.

The project solution involved the creation of a responsive website with a custom booking module and reservation system, which allowed Luxury Apartments Vidikovac Levanda Hvar to manage their bookings more efficiently and offer a seamless booking experience to their customers

Develop a custom booking system

The first task was to develop a custom booking system that would be integrated into the Luxury Apartments Vidikovac Levanda Hvar website. This booking system needed to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and allow customers to easily select their preferred dates and apartment types.

Integration with a payment gateway

The second task was to integrate the booking system with a payment gateway, enabling customers to make their reservations securely and easily online. This integration needed to be seamless, secure, and efficient.

User-friendly dashboard

The third task was to create a user-friendly dashboard for Luxury Apartments Vidikovac Levanda Hvar, allowing them to manage their bookings, view their occupancy rates, and make any necessary changes to their apartment availability.

Testing and launch

The final task was to thoroughly test the booking system to ensure that it was working correctly and to launch the new system on the Luxury Apartments Vidikovac Levanda Hvar website.

Beautiful views and spectacular sunsets

Luxury Apartments Vidikovac Levanda Hvar
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