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Our approach to environmental protection and sustainability

In order to fight climate change, COLLAB utilizes renewable energy whenever possible. Meet sustainability that goes beyond energy.

With climate-neutral hosting, CO2 emissions are minimized

Energy that’s green anytime, anywhere

In addition to keeping our infrastructure climate-neutral, we at COLLAB are also committed to protecting the environment. Cloud and server hosting from COLLAB can reduce the impact your business has on the environment.

How? In order to neutralize our CO2 emissions, we use local, renewable energy sources, carbon offset certificates, and other initiatives.

And we continuously improve the efficiency of our data centers. When a server reaches the end of its lifecycle, it is recycled or disposed of properly using energy-efficient technologies.

The role of sustainability in our decision-making processes extends from energy sourcing to the supply chain.

Host and cloud with us for a sustainable future

Increasing efficiency without increasing energy consumption

With regular upgrades to our data center infrastructure, we have reduced operational energy losses and electrical consumption. In addition, we are able to reduce the number of servers we need by optimizing our IT. All of this reduces our carbon footprint.

By reducing our overall energy consumption year-over-year, we still provide our customers with high levels of availability.

“The core value of COLLAB is environmental and social responsibility.” – Ahmed Sofić (CEO, COLLAB)



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